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Our assembly work is guaranteed. If there is an assembly issue we will come back and fix it, free of charge.

There are some instances where we will not accept responsibility for problems, these include:

  • Where the manufacturer or supplier have supplied incorrect, insufficient or faulty parts.
  • Where the customer has not provided a clear and level site.
  • Where the shed has not been secured after assembly and it blows away or falls over.
  • Where the siting of the shed has changed and the shed may have been moved in a way that causes damage to the assembly.
  • Where foliage causes blockages in the spouting, and the roof leaks as a result of this.
  • Where the shed is not being used fit for purpose.
  • The Assembly Company will not accept any liability arising from loss or damage sustained by any carriers.
  • No claim for damage will be recognized unless submitted within (5) days of completion of the assembly in writing.
  • The purchaser will be responsible for the covering and securing of all materials on site against weather, damage and/or theft.
  • The siting of the shed is the property owner’s responsibility.